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The CT can be used: as a replacement liner in a masonry chimney; as a flue pipe within a masonry structure; for horizontal and vertical breeching (boiler flues connector)

Simple And Sturdy Design

The CT is a rigid single-wall, stainless steel vent pipe featuring a 3 in. overlap and reinforcing ridges at each joint for increased rigidity.

Durable Material

Choice of either AISI 316L or 304 stainless steel for their excellent resistance to corrosive environments.

Multi-Application And Flexibility

The CT is a multi-fuel pipe designed to vent smoke generated by the combustion of gas, oil, fuel or coal. It is designed for positive pressure heating appliances, but can also be used on any type of appliances.

Precision-Engineered Tight Seal

A tight seal on the system is assured because of: Continuous plasma-welded seams along lengths, tees and elbows; Extra-long overlap 3 in. (76mm) at the joints coupled with two ridges to prevent condensate migration due to capillary action; Locking bands sealed with a ceramic-fiber pad, silicone or ceramic caulking can be added depending on application.

Exceptional Pull Test Resistance

Pull tests conducted on a CT liner have yielded the following results, without dislocation:

  • Resistance of 992 lbs. (450kg) secured by locking bands with an adjustable screw (large diameters)
  • Resistance of 551 lbs. (250kg) secured by a lever-type locking band (small diameters)

This high level of resistance lends itself to the safe use of liners even of great height.

  • CT 5″ to 24″ has been listed to standards ULC -S640, S635 and UL-1777.
  • Tested to 60″ w.c.

Standard Features

  • Continuous plasma-welded seams along lengths, tees and elbows
  • Leak-proof connections
  • Multi-fuel pipe designed to vent smoke generated by the combustion of gas, oil, fuel or coal
  • Impervious to the effects of acid condensation
  • Sizing flexibility to match the power output of the appliance
  • Suitable for positive-pressure systems; tested to 60″ of water column
  • Available in 5″ through 24″ inside diameters
  • Tested and listed to ULC-S635M, ULC-S640M, and UL-1777
  • 10-year limited warranty

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CT – Chimney installation
CT - Chimney installation

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